Vitasoy Products
The products marketed by Vitasoy International are available under two major brands:
- VITASOY, a nutritious soy drink and tofu.
- VITA, a range of teas, juice, wellness drinks, distilled water and dairy-milk products.

Both brands are sold widely in Hong Kong, mainland China, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, South East Asia and other markets throughout the world.

In Hong Kong, the leading Vitasoy's brands also include CALCI-PLUS, TSING SUM ZHAN, SAN SUI.  While in Australia the SOY MILKY brand has developed a loyal following.

In North America, we also offer a wide range of soy products under the brands of VITASOY, SAN SUI, NASOYA and AZUMAYA, including tofu, natural soy-based products and desserts, pasta and noodles.

Vitasoy Group makes a strategic acquisition of UNICURD Food in Singapore to tap into the growing soy food product market, as well as provide a diverse range of food and beverages.

In Singapore, we offer a wide range of tofu products under the UNICURD brand, which enjoys wide popularity in both Singapore and overseas.