Corporate Social Responsibility

We aspire to be a corporation which is both financially successful and socially responsible. We seek constantly to integrate our business activities with contribution to the society.


Promoting Health and Wellness

  • Since our establishment, Vitasoy has put promoting affordable nutrition as our mission. It is achieved through producing and distributing a variety of high quality, nutritious foods and beverages to our consumers.
  • In the first half of FY2013/2014, we launched a series of products with added nutrients in different operating markets. In Hong Kong, we introduced Plant Sterol CALCI-PLUS Soy Drink, which is fortified with plant sterol that helps reduce cholesterol level. In the US, we offered a healthy vegan alternative with NAYO Whipped which added nutrients including Vitamin B12 and Omega 3 ALA, and is cholesterol free.
  • In Australia, we launched a fresh variant of VITASOY Oatmilk Original focusing on actively lowering cholesterol. While in Singapore, our UNICURD Omega 3 Tau Kwa tofu product provides a more nutritious diet option to consumers.
  • We also ride on the healthy trend and have added low version choices to our core brand products including VITASOY Low Sugar Chocolate Soymilk, VITASOY PURE Low Sugar Black Soya Bean Extract and VITA No Sugar Chrysanthemum Tea.
  • During the period, we have launched healthy breakfast campaigns in Hong Kong and Mainland China to promote the health benefits of CALCI-PLUS Soy Drink and VITASOY Soymilk respectively, as a good partner for breakfast to start a healthier life every day.
  • Our Mainland China operation continued promoting a green lifestyle with a series of light diet activities. The 4th VITASOY Light Yoga Party was held in Shenzhen, attended by over 1,000 people.


Community Support and Involvement

  • In the first half of FY2013/2014, we continued our donation to the Hong Kong Community Chest’s Corporate and Employee Contribution Program.
  • Our employees in Hong Kong joined the Oxfam Trailwalker in teams to walk the designated 100 km course under limited time in all weather and rough terrain in order to raise fund to help overcome poverty around the world.
  • In Hong Kong, we supported various youth programs organised by The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Hong Kong Outstanding Student Foundation, The Youth Outreach, Hong Kong New Generation Cultural Association Science Innovation Centre, to help relay positive life attitude among young people.
  • Our Hong Kong operation supported a Mid-Autumn Festival event by donating the scrapped PET VITA Pure Distilled Water bottles to build a giant lantern to help promote the message of recycling.
  • In Mainland China, we participated in a community activity in Guangzhou to promote low carbon environment.
  • Our Australian operation participated in various children and sports events to help support the community and the underprivileged.
  • Our USA operation donated products to the Greater Boston Food Bank that serves more than 394,000 people each year to relieve hunger in the community.
  • We also supported various health promoting and youth events in Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea and Brunei.


Environmental Protection

  • In Hong Kong, the theme for this year’s WIN Planet, an internal cross departmental quality improvement program, is “Take Ownership to Reduce Waste” to encourage employees to use resources in a smart way so as to reduce waste to the environment. The Hong Kong operation will host the 17th Quality Improvement and Experience Sharing convention under a theme of “Quality Excellence through Smart Resources Utilisation” with 7 other local organisations in December 2013.
  • In Mainland China, a series of programs were implemented in the production lines to reduce electricity and water consumption, as well as in the recovery of energy and water for other purposes in the manufacturing process.
  • We also upgraded the lighting system in our US plant to help save energy.


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